Polycarbonate Sheets


Product Details :-
Dimensions As per Client's Choice
Surface Treatment Clear and Colour
Features Water Proof

It specifically is an extruded Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet created for applications where its strength, thermally insulative properties, and moderate cost are ideal.It is significantly lighter than glass while managing to be stronger, more flexible, and more impact resistant. It can support itself in a structurally sound configuration, limit the amount of UV light due to its nominal translucence, and can withstand the rigors of daily abuse in an outdoor environment.


The stagnant air in the cellular space between sheets provides insulation, and additional cell layers can be extruded to enhance insulative properties at the cost of light transmission.

Specifications :-

  •   Material: Polycarbonate Sheet
  •   Transparent and Colour
  •   Both Side UV protected

UV Caoted Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet :-

We are Supplying of Multiwall polycarbonate Sheet made of 4mm to 12mm which comes with 2, 3, 4 Layer and Both side UV Caoting.