Polycarbonate sheild


Machtecoffer a complete range of Roof flashings and Accesories. These include Ridge Cap, Barge Cap, Drip, Eaves, Gutters, Turbo Ventilator, Self Drilling Screw, Silicone Sealant, Butyl Tape.


It is important that these are versatile and practical, but perhaps the ability to enhance the appearance of any building is of prime concern.

  •   Architectural Industrial Design Flashings.
  •   Rust free - Self Drilling Screw.
  •   10 years warranty on Turbo Ventilator.
  •   No solvent - eco-friendly Butyl Tape & Silicone Sealant.
  •   Butyl rubber operates well between -40o c and 160o c.

Features :-

  •   Light weight
  •   Flame and shock resistance
  •   High mechanical strength